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Sep 28, 2005
i have just registered on here whilst looking for dementia related research. I am a 3rd year mental health nurse and I have chosen to do my project on dementia care and informal carers as well as the impact us as nurses can have to ease the caring role of friends partners family and neighbours. I have loads of info, but always have room for more, so if anyone has any links particularly of up-to-date stuff that would be good. If not then I will lurk about and see what the 'talking points' are. I will be specialising in dementia care when i qualify as i feel they need good nurtses willing to speak out and improve things generally.


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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Rohni,

Welcome to TP. Good luck with your research - (it sounds fascinating), and with your efforts to improve areas of dementia care. I'm sure you'll meet Sandy who is our in-house link specialist! (Go get 'em, Sandy!) I would think you'll learn lots from 'lurking' here!


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Sep 16, 2005

Rohini, welcome,welcome,welcome please do stick around and read all you can, one of the biggest frustrations I think a lot of us have is the lack of understanding from non-dementia trained nurses and carers.

Anyone of us would want to hug you and kiss you (don't let that deter you :p ) if you were to look after our loved ones and were able to understand them and us better!

Read, read, read and ask questions, specific ones will probably get more response than broad posts. Oh and tell anyone you work or study with about this site too.

Good luck on you admirable quest for knowledge and understanding,


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May 27, 2005
Nice to meet you Rohini.

I'm also a 3rd Year Nursing Student... I've just got an essay back and barely passed I have to say... it's because I had to do about CBT -I applied parts of it to dementia related issues, but it seems that in the feedback comments I concentrated 'too much on care of the elderly and not enough on aspects of CBT'... to be honest, as someone who wants to work specifically in Older Person's Mental Health, I'm not too worried about that... if it were dementia specific I'm sure I'd have done a lot better.

Still - a pass is a pass!

Anyhow... am rambling here... if ever you are looking for appropriate references, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I'll do what I can to help.

Best wishes and good luck with your course.