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Jan 17, 2008
hillsborough sheffield
i came to this site over a year ago for some help and advice as i was in quite a bad situation with my grandmother in law.


this is the link to the thread that i did. i was desperatly unhappy and crying all the time over the decision i was needing to make.

well not long after i posted that message gran took a very bad turn for the worst and became very ill and was admitted to hospital. where she stayed for 4 weeks. i became very ill in my pregnancy and was suffering many health problems so i had to take action for gran. while she was in hospital i spoke to the matron there and spoke to her about everything. it was decided she needed to go into a home. she spent 8 weeks in hospital and was taken to a care home.
my husbands family took it out of my hands and wouldnt let me get involved in finding her a home. no information was ever given to me and they kept me out in the cold.
i was asked to stay away while she settled into her home.
i didnt see her for months. i saw her once wheil i was pregnant and it totaly broke my heart. she begged to come home and it left me very depressed and upset.
i made the decision to go back after i had my daughter. little did i no after my daughter was born she would stop breathing and be rushed into hospital and kept in. thsi again led to me being very down and i kept myself locked away.
anyway im trying to keep things short :eek: but everything was fine with my daughter, i got myself sorted out and im not back having regualr access to my grandmother in law.
the home she is in is quite far away aso difficult for me to go and visit when i want as i dont drive. i have to wait for my husband to take me at a weekend. u go every other saturday. in turn with my mother in law.
things with the family havnt really changed. her son hasnt seen her since shes been in a home. my mother in law sees her every 2 weeks . visits at the moment are very limited as the bad weather is making it impossible to get there.
im still rakced with guilt seeing her in that home but i know its the best thing for her and us. i miss her dearly.
im still kept in the dark about gran as i always have been.
im hoping 1 day to win the lottery to have her back here with me with paid care. though we can all dream ay?
gran is still doing ok still chuckles on, she now has probles with her eyes now so she struggles to see so she has to be fed with help. she doesnt really no anybody now. funny really the only person she never getsd wrong is my hsband :)

the reason i am back on here is now i am looking at trying to do some volunteer work. possibley to give carers a break. i was wondering if the alzheimers society offer this at all as i would be willing to try and offer myself once or twice a week.
does anybody know? just thought id be able to give carers a break but i have no idea how i go about do this for people.

just like to say thank you for the help and advice i was given at the time that i posted. those messages really did help me through and made me see it was time and id done my time with gran. health reasons ended up taking over anyway. so maybe some1 upstairs was listening.


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Jun 27, 2006
Your best bet is to contact your local AS branch. Even if they don't offer "befrienders" they may be aware of an organization that does. Often these are locally based so what may be available in one area, may not be available elsewhere.

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Dec 9, 2008
Great idea. My local branch does have a befriending service, and so do some other organisaions in the area. I am sure your help and friendship will be greatly appreciated!

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Aug 14, 2009
Hello there, have you thought about hospice who offer volunteered sitting service they may be glad of your assistance Also Help the aged and the Age Concern offer these services.I am sure you will be much appreciated once you find what you are looking for.


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Jul 8, 2008

There is a link to an application for volunteering on the AS Website.

It asks about you, your skills and what you think you may be able to contribute.

Good luck