hello everyone

naye sweetie

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May 29, 2006
hello everyone just wondering if this talk point can help me try to understand dementia. my mother has come to the point of a nursing home and my brother and i are having a very hard time trying to understand this dementia any talk about this would be very helpful to me thank you have a great day!


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Apr 30, 2006
Hi and welcome
I've only been a member for about 5 weeks since my mum moved in with us ...She could not look after herself since my dad died 15 months ago and lts taken my brother and me all this time to decide what to do!
Are you in touch with social services/mental health?
You'll get a lot of good advice from people on this site
Take care


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May 20, 2006
North East

We had to move mum into a residential home last year as my dad died, and mum was too terrified to stay on her own. She didn't want to go, but we couldn't continue taking it in turns to stay the night with her.

It is a difficult disease to understand, although you just need to read a lot of the posts on this site and you'll certainly learn a thing or two.

At least you have a brother to help - I'm one of 5 although it's mainly down to me and one of my brothers as one sister lives away, another one is on her own and lives about 45 mins away, and my other brother has his own health issues.

Keep smiling:)



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May 14, 2006
Care Home or Nursing Home?

Nursing Homes are for people who need nursing care and are the most expensive. Some also care for the Elderly Mentally Infirm who have medical needs too. There are Care Homes for the Elderly which just provide social care and others which cater for EMI too, which would include dementia patients.
My Mum started off in a care home which was just like having her own studio flat. She took her own bed, chairs, coffee tables and ornaments with her and she felt that she'd just moved house to another part of the same village. I took her to Church, out on visits and it was easy for local friends to see her.
When she needed a nursing home with EMI, there wasn't much choice. We decided on a local one so it was easy to visit her. There were others quite a distance away which would have made visiting harder. The nursing home is good, but it isn't as homely as the care home and the residents are not as sociable because they are more frail and ill.
It is quite complicated to find the right kind or care or nursing home and it is a good idea to look around several before making a final decision. Also, ask if anyone you know has had experience of them, as a personal recommendation is always better than looking just at their literature.
Sometimes there is a way of making arrangements so the person can stay in their own home for a little longer, which may be better for them and make the money last a little longer.
Good luck!
Instead of selling Mum's house, we have decided to let it through a reputable agent. So far this has been sucessful and it is a way of keeping a valuable asset safe for later on, as interest rates are so poor at the moment.