Health and Safety and Dementia


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham
Hello everyone,
When I first realised that there was something seriously wrong with me I had been working in the garden shed. I was relaxing doing some woodturning which I did when ever I could. At work as an engineer part of my job was Health and Safety assessments, which drove me poty at times because so much of it was common sence.
Yet this afternoon I decided to stop the machine, but for some reason I used my hands instead of switching the power off. After nursing my hands and being shouted at by my dear wife, I went back and knocked the power off in the shed and never touched the wood lathe again. I often look back at this and wonder how it happened, and also considerhow lucky I was to get away with bruises.
After this event I refused to go near to any machine at work, because the thought terrified me completely. Nine months later I was finished work for good all down to the early signs Dementia with Lewy Bodies.
However at an event recently someone asked about Risk Assessments for the event. This made me wonder. How on earth can anyone do these assessments for people who have Dementia etc. The mind boggles. Even a house can be a mine field if you are not careful.
These days I stand and think slowly about something before I do it.

Best Wishes



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland

You're so right. There are hazards everywhere. You advised me on Monday to let John walk the dog again -- he hasn't done it yet, he's still too shaken up, and his wrists are bably strained, which would make it difficult to control her.

I just hope I will have the confidence to let him try when he is better. As it is, I'm just so thankful that there was no serious damage.


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