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  1. ossie10

    ossie10 Registered User

    Jul 22, 2013
    hi everyone hope you all have a happy new year.
    I got diagnosed with dementia about two years ago,noticed a big difference last 4+ months.One thing i have noticed i seem to have a constant headache from moment i get up till bed(although i only sleep a couple of hours a night)
    My lovely carers(god they are great) want me to go and sort out the headache problem,but i cant be bothered with GP's/hospitals any longer.So has anyone had the same problems with headaches?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my whinge,but really dont want to be pulled around any longer.


  2. john51

    john51 Registered User

    Apr 26, 2014
    Dunstable, Bedfordshire
    Hi Ossie

    I was diagnosed with vascular dementia close on 2 years ago. I don't have a constant headache but do get very brief ones quite regularly. They start with really bad tinitis, then I get pins and needles in my lower arm/ hand followed by a few minutes of a headache in my right temple then extreme tiredness.
    My wife and carer got me to go to the doctor who gave me amytryptilline. It doesn't seem to be making much difference so I guess I will be tied up with the hospital again!

    Good luck in sorting yours

  3. ossie10

    ossie10 Registered User

    Jul 22, 2013
    thanks for the reply john,hope all works out for you.I just cant get rid of it tried, steaming the face with vick,thinking it maybe sinus trouble,but that didn't work.Dont like to say i'm giving up(as i am not to bad at moment) as i was a boxer,but just cant be asked keep going to doctors etc.
    I know my carers mean well,but at times i just need to be left alone and this is a decent place to ask things

    good luck mate

  4. Kathyms

    Kathyms Registered User

    Jan 5, 2016
    Head aches

    I am new on here and interested in reading other people's problems, I was diagnosed over a year ago and at first it felt a bit like a joke. But now I can see that it is getting worse, headache , memories, and lately I can't concentrate on say reading. One thing I picked up above is the words just need to be left alone. I hate having to be involved in things with other people, I hated Xmas and new year, this is not me.
  5. Irishgirl57

    Irishgirl57 Registered User

    Jan 21, 2014
    Florida, USA
    I picked up on "This is not me.... '. Yep, that is me. I can't read anymore, was so social there wasn't time for another friend. Now I get quite worked up about being at a gathering... Christmas and New Years has not been very good the past few years... Mainly from my disruption. I seem to make every gathering sad for others.

    It is nice to know I am not alone... I am working on improving my attitude. Accepting where I am so that I can be grateful. Thanks for posting... I can relate to your feelings
  6. Sue J

    Sue J Registered User

    Dec 9, 2009
    Hi Ossie and others

    Yes, I have horrendous headaches which leave me anything from catatonic, confused, misrecognising people and things and of course forgetting, they wipe out my memory of things for the duration and I just don't feel, because I am not, myself.

    Its good to see you back Irishgirl, I can identify with some of what you write but I find how this alters my brain alters me, I seem to have 'attitudes' that are not mine at all but are due to the fact that part of my brain is affected that regulates these attitudes, if it was really my attitude it would not distress me as it does when I behave in ways contrary to who I feel I am. Some people who do not understand the condition and who find it difficult to cope with the changed way I behave would like to think its my 'attitude' that is wrong if they do so they miss me and miss the fact that I am suffering from something I cannot control, it is not an excuse I am ill.

    When I am particularly bad I do not wish to mix with others, feel too ill to a lot of the time but also am anxious about how I may behave, I never have an intention to upset anyone, make them think maybe but not to upset. It is hard for families and friends the more I can share with my friends about how things really are the easier it is for us both.

    Best wishes
  7. LoisJean

    LoisJean Registered User

    I really appreciate these words, Irish. I, too, am working on my attitude although it seems to be a job for a 'Power Greater'.. I am acutely aware that a good deal of my ability to control my attitudes and actions have been taken from me. Trying to restore my mind to an acceptable balance is very difficult now. But I do believe that acceptance is the 'pathway to peace' and in that acceptance there are real blessings.

    On topic: One of the first symptoms I had that told me something was wrong in my brain was pressure...terrible squeezing pressure all around the area that is my cerebrum. It would not go away. My gp wasn't too concerned. I had my vision checked, needed new glasses, got them..no release from the pressure. There were other symptoms, too, relating to cognitive function, including some pretty nasty mood swings but I brushed them off.

    Several years ago I was diagnosed with Peripheral Vascular Disease. I have struggled with high blood pressure and cholesterol for many years. In an attempt to reduce the inflammation in my arteries, my vascular surgeon added an OTC suppliment to my prescripted meds. Honestly, within three days after taking the suppliment the pressure was greatly relieved and I felt 'brighter'. This made me think that inflammation was playing a part in my cognitive difficulties. I researched the med and found that it is being used by some neurologists for their Alzheimer's patients with some positive results. That is when I started taking my symtoms seriously. The pressure remains but much less. I do get real headaches but they come and go..the pressure, tho, is constant.

    I so appreciate each of you for your posts. You are helping me and I thank you! Peace, LoisJean

    Just as a post script: a brain scan done two months ago confirms vascular degeneration within the white matter of my frontal lobes and brain stem.

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