Has the new guidance on visiting care homes actually lifted visiting restrictions at all?


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Mar 9, 2016
It's all just so cruel, our loved ones needs aren't being addressed.
I've just signed a petition that's on a Facebook page called Rights for Residents.
The organisers are working tirelessly to bring attention to the problem.
They did contact Alzheimer's media department to ask for support to bring the Governments in humane guidelines into the spotlight, but apparently the society replied that they don't publicise others petitions.
Such a shame, as youd think they could work together . I’ve emailed my GP, my mum's, and Matt Hancock and Helen Whately the Health and Social care minister.
I don't expect that they'll do anything. But if anyone is on Facebook please search for Rights for Residents and sign the petition
@anxious annie i joined the rights for residents Facebook group and saw this I’m quite disgusted that they can’t support the people they are supposed to represent. I have signed the petition and shared it with friends and family who in turn have shared and signed. It would appear as is normal we are on our own in this dismal and unacceptable situation 😡😡😡😡


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Mar 9, 2016
I’ve just listened to Diane from rights to residents and several others on Radio 5 Live, the amount of air time they got was excellent and only hope that it will galvanise the government and all the other officials into action in order that we can be “allowed” proper visiting. I think and hope more charities involved with Alzheimer’s/Dementia need to be more vocal on this issue because as one person said it’s not about the amount of live it’s about the quality of lives.

anxious annie

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Jan 2, 2019
Lots of heartbreaking stories on the Radio 5 Live programme. Well done to Diane and Jenny for getting the impact of visitor restrictions out to the public, who are not aware that indoor visits are rare, despite the colder weather we are experiencing. I totally agree that it would be good if more charities involved with Alzheimer's/Dementia could be more vocal in helping to publicise the plight of our loved ones.
Great work by the charity involved with John's campaign judicial review.

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