Happy New Year Everyone!


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Mar 13, 2004
Just wanted to wish the whole TP family a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
May it be an easier one for us all.

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
May I be the first to return your greeting and also wish everyone at TP all the very best and long may we continue to support each other. :)

Linda x


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Nov 7, 2004
I would like once again to thank all TP people for their help and support over this past year.

Perhaps tonight is the point at which I need to make an effort to put it behind me.

Mum was on top form today you'll be pleased to know. When I asked her if she loved me she said "Course" which I haven't heard her say in over a year and not since September.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Have a toast tonight for yourself and your loved ones.

Let's get plastered for a change - forget the problems and get a skin full!!!


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Oct 28, 2005
Cambridgeshire UK
new year

And a very happy and healthy new year to you all from me too and thank you for your help since I became a member. Steve (aged 55 and has AD) has today for the very first tiome not known how to get himself a drink of orange juice so I'm not feeling too happy. The first glass he had the glass and the juuice and asked me what to do next, the second time he put the juice in and was about to drink it without water. YUK. Someone told me that when AD sufferers have bad headaches it might mean a little bit more of their brain is 'dying', does anyone know anything about if this is right or not? He's had a bad head all day today.

Twink/Sue x


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Jun 3, 2005
Connie, your computer expertise is coming on in leaps & bounds - have you been getting private tuition from Bruce? :D

Twink: I don't think 'brain-pain' has any connection with the actual deterioration. I'm no expert, but I'm sure I've read somewhere that the brain itself has no pain receptors.

Happy New Year everyone, or as good as we can hope for in our various circumstances.


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Jul 15, 2005
Happy New Year

Hi everyone and happy new year! The one thing we know is ahead for all of us is that our situations will deteriorate a little or alot in the coming year. Let's toast that whatever is ahead we will stand firm in our resolution to do our best and persevere in the face of our challenges. I wish for everyone that blessings will be revealed to us in not only big ways, but in the little moments that are so precious to us.

God Bless,


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May 5, 2005
south wales

David and I have made the decision to move from Nottingham to be closer to our son in South Wales. Oh what a life change! We have an agent coming to value our property on Thursday and we are viewing homes in Wales this coming weekend. We are going to down-size which means I won't have to work and will be able to spend more time with David. I am very very frightened but will hold on tight to God's hand and let him lead me. The family are so pleased we have made this decision and will support us through it.

Think about us please this week.

Love to you all.



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Nov 28, 2005
Happy New Year

My good wishes to everyone too. Thanks for all those helpful comments. Must in 2006 learn how to do those clever IT things that Connie, Brucie and others are doing (it lightens up a day if things are down).

Lynne you made me feel better in your comments about Day Care and I am not quite so mixed up now. I have had a very difficult few weeks (more in my head than anything!) - but new resolution is to 'buck myself up'.

Katie - hope your plans to move go well. The thought frightens me so I think you are very brave.

Best wishes to all BeckyJan


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Mar 7, 2004
Katie, well done! What a lovely positive start to 2006. Go for it wholeheartedly, I feel sure it will work out for you and David.

Becky, you are doing great...you just have to believe it more.
Take care of yourself. Love Connie


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Nov 28, 2004
..and I thought I was the clever one learning how to put quotes in boxes. Connie, how on earth do you do that?

Wishing everybody a happy new year.