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Hallucinations and how to approach


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Mar 17, 2019

My mother has PCA Alzheimers, she has slowly been declining over the years, especially her eyesight as this is part of it, but recently she has started to hallucinate. It is nothing bad but keeps seeing two girls outside the window, she thinks it’s next doors kids but they only have 1 girl and I have been there when she points and says look there they are just looking in again - there is never anyone there.
My mother has started having hallucinations, seeing a lady in a white dress etc. The thing is to either distract them, or just ignore it. It was the same with my dad who had Parkinsons. He saw boats outside the house ( probably a throwback to where he lived years ago), and once there were cars all over the living room. I tried to say No there arent, but learned that you just have to go with the flow. As long as they are happy. If the hallucinations were alarming them, that would be another matter.

I am not sure what to do, should I just go along with it, should I tell her no one is there? I do not want to scare her and tell her she’s hallucinating.

I have been told it can get worse and there are tablets she can take but I am not sure if it is necessary yet.

Any advice appreciated. Thank you.


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Jul 27, 2019
Hi.. Gave my OH tablets given to us by GP.... Not only did they not help with sleep.. But made his hallucinations much much worse... After a bad evening with the 'people in the house'.. We ended up sat on the bed with him refusing to go back to the sitting room.. Then at 8 he was zombie like and falling over so go him to bed.. At 1 he was awake in a state about all sorts.. Swearing and angry with me.. He never is like that.. Got him back and woke at 3so up and dressed... Still very wobbly.. Slept in chair a bit then trying to sit on a different chair fell and knocked his head on a table.. I couldn't lift him up so rang one of our sons to come at 5...he was shaken but OK... So no pills tonight... Back to the drawing board... Thought there was a solution for a bit... Xxxx