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H&SC white paper 01/12/21


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Mar 2, 2017
Thanks @nitram, I'll read this later to see if the critical comments that I have read seem justified.

Edited to say that I have now read it in full. It is a small start but, in short, I'll not be jumping over the moon anytime soon.

My personal summary is that it is long on (sometimes vague) aspirations and focused on throwing some money (not enough) into the pot without defining what this will achieve. It is unclear on turning aspirations into sustainable change that will improve services and access to them, reduce costs to individuals, relieve the burden of unpaid care, develop a properly trained and paid social care workforce and much more besides.

It hasn't got a vision for wholesale change to a better system and smacks of tinkering with rather than 'fixing' social care.

Dementia gets a few mentions but fairly light treatment. There are 2 case studies, both related to early onset dementia. It includes a commitment to deliver a standalone dementia strategy in 2022. The strategy will focus on the specific health and care needs of people living with dementia and their carers, including looking at:
dementia diagnosis; risk reduction; prevention; research.

This diagram is a useful summary:

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