Good news!

tassie devil

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Aug 15, 2006
Hi guys, Mum went for her 6 month memory assessment yesterday and passed with 22 points which was good to hear. Before Aricept she scored 18, it then went up to 23 and has dropped 1 point, but there seems to be a bit of stubborness there to. If she puts her mind to it and takes her time she can think of the word. Although having said that she was asked to take 7 away from 100, then take away another 7 and another. It's really bizarre, she couldn' remember the word 'watch' but she could do the maths - even I had trouble doing that!!!

Anyway, things are relaxed and settled, she's not got to go back for a year now so things must be ok with them.

Thanks for your support - it really does help

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Good news indeed Tassie.

I think the words and the maths use different areas of the brain, so it depends which areas are the most affected.

Anyway, you can relax for a while now. It`s good for you to feel so relaxed and settled.

Keep in touch.


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Jul 6, 2006
Dear Tassie

Thanks for sharing the good news. I am pleased for you and your Mum.

All the best



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Apr 3, 2006
Thats great news Tassie.

So glad to hear some good news - plus its good of you to share this with us.

Have a lovely day - and give yourself a treat too!

Take care



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Apr 30, 2006
Hi Tassie
Thats great news!
I remember about 18 months ago asking my mum to count back fom 100 in 7's......I just explained to hr it was a little project I was doing.....she did really well.....must say though in the best of days I'd find that really tricky!!!


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Aug 20, 2006
I think that linguistic skills are handled by a different part of the brain to mathematical ones.

Wehave found that Dad has lost a lot of language skills - about every third word is a "whassname" or "that thingy" but he can manage numbers perfectly well.

I think that some of it is that language requires memory - you have to remember ther words as associate them with the correct thing.

Mathemetics, on th eother hand, is more abstract and does not really involve memory, but more processing.


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Jul 2, 2006
Newport, Gwent
Fantastic news Tassie, I expect you totally chuffed to bits, and rightly so too.

Lets hope mum stays the same for a good long time to come.

Your post reminded me of the mum of a friend who has AD. She was going through the MMSE with the nurse, and near the end, was asked ‘who is the Prime Minister’, to which the elderly lady responded, 'if you don’t know who your Prime Minister is, you should be ashamed of yourself’. Thought that was a fantastic response.:D