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Jan 29, 2004
Hi all

I am at home today with a bug, so I put GMTV on (I don't normally have time for morning tv!). They were part way through a feature on alzheimer's/dementia with a young lady looking after her husband (missed their names am afraid). Anyway, I thought it was really well covered - and highlighted the fact that this horrendous disease doesn't just affect old people.

Lorraine Kelly said they would continue to look at the disease all week. Anyone involved? It's clearly a great way to get the message across - I am happy to help if needed.

Anyway, just thought people would like to know - in case you would like to watch the rest of the week.

Kindest regards

annie stapley

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Sep 19, 2005
Hi -

I also thought it was well covered. Andrew Castle was wearing an alzheimers wristband - does anyone know where to get them from? I've been trying to see for months whether I can get one.