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Full moon


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Feb 25, 2015
Has anyone else noticed their loved one taking a downturn when there is a full moon, or indeed supermoon as it was earlier in the week. I'm sure I've noticed a pattern in my mums behaviour. She looks manic and worried and we always notice that it is when there is a full moon. When I saw her today she was back to normal (well dementia normal). I would be interested to hear if anyone else has noticed this.


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Oct 2, 2015
It is a known fact that the phases of the moon can impact people. This is where the expression lunatic comes from, as in lunar.
Mt daughter has bipolar disorder and is often hyper and manic over a full moon. I feel sure that people with dementia are no different n how they can be affected, although I have not noticed it with my mum.


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Aug 24, 2013
Not at all. It's true that Lunatic comes from Lunar the word for the moon, it's also true that Hysteria is "caused by disturbances of the uterus (from the Greek ὑστέρα hystera "uterus")" well it was 2,000 years ago, I think medicine's moved on a little since then and I don't believe the moon thing anymore than I believe people get hysterical just because they have a womb. Personally I'm a Scorpio so naturally sceptical :eek: just gone into self-contradiction meltdown:D


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Jul 20, 2011
Yes my Mum was always affected by the full moon. Took me ages to notice but my husband has always maintained that she always was affected by the moon!! Perhaps he was right but she definitely became more agitated and a bit antsy.


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Aug 1, 2014
Victoria, Australia
My late father in law worked as a warder in what was then called a lunatic asylum. He always hated working shifts that covered about three days over the full moon as he said that many of the inmates were a whole lot worse and far more difficult to manage. He said that there was a much higher incidence of violence and the general noise level rose particularly on those nights. He worked there for years and was very experienced in working with those unfortunate enough to find themselves as patients there.


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Dec 17, 2012
I also used to work in a similar environment and I tend to agree . We used to dread full moons with high winds


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May 22, 2015
What an interesting thread. I noticed my Mum has been a lot worse this week with the full moon and said herself she feels all woozy. Xx