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Friends brother.


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Jan 5, 2011
X was assessed yesterday as having "slight learning difficulties" but I'd be interested in your opinions as my friend and her family and I think there is more to it.
At the assessment he was asked if he had friends and told them a complete fantasy about three mates who come round for a beer etc. (Odd he couldn't remember their names when my friend asked on the way home:rolleyes:) He couldn't remember the name of the person he saw 2hrs later. He lives alone but spends £300+ total a month in various supermarkets but can't say what he's bought. He relies on his sister to sort any official paperwork.
BTW he's 59


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Aug 24, 2013
Hi Jess
Assessed for what and by who? If he was being assessed for AZ then they can't have seen any signs which seems strange given his odd behaviour. There could be any number of causes from some type of physical/medical problem to a mental health issues as well as some form of dementia that's causing it. It certainly warrants further investigation. As for the spending it's a lot but he may be buying clothes, cd's, alcohol and any other number of things as well as food, has he nothing to show for it?