fresh air


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Jul 31, 2004
took gran out this week for first time for ages nursing home never take residents out, we only went to the local coop but she was able to remember what she used to but and chose some food other than chocolate lot5s of chat although she was alittle shocked at some of the prices, it was so nice to know gran is still in there when i took gran back another resident almost begged me to take her out and became agressive when i left how sad that just because people are in the later stages of ad they dont get out ill definatly take gran out again.


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Mar 16, 2005
That's great Nikita. Mum and I take Dad out for a walk when we can (weather permitting and as far as his knees will allow!) to the cake shop or just around the block. It makes me feel good that he's had a change of scene for a little while. You're right about the other residents, I'm sure they would benefit too.