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For social group members & those of you with our illness


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Oct 14, 2006
If you’re a member of one of the social groups and finding it difficult to make a collage of your photos for any of the groups then I am quiet willing to help any of you by making the collage for you,

First just send me a message in my ‘Private messages box’ and I will reply in the same way sending you my E-mail address.

Then you could E-mail me the photos you want to use as an attachment

Just give each of the photos a reference number so that I know the correct order/sequence you want the photos to follow, and the wording you want on the collage

My roses now in bloom during May 2009 by (Your name)

(Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) and so on, keep it to a maximum of 6 photos per collage so that the collage is clear

Once I have made the collage photo I will the return it to you by E-mail so that you can uploaded it into the relevant social group

Remember that by making a collage in this way you will save on the total number of photos you use from your allocation of 60

If you’re not already a member then why don’t you join one or more of the social groups as it adds great diversity into our daily activity and helps the mind stay active, even if you can’t type up the topic or reply yourself maybe someone in your family or friends could help you and even within this new section of the Talking Point website “I have dementia” remember this has been created specifically for those of us with this illness in the same way as the (Alzheimer’s Forum website)

I’m always here to help you ;)

Barry a sufferer of Alzheimer’s

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