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Food ideas please ....


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Sep 2, 2019
Maybe a spoonful of peanut butter added to the milkshake would go unnoticed?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
When she says that she doesnt like it and spits it out, Im wondering whether its the texture that she doesnt like and wont accept anything that is at all lumpy (like rice pudding), but is OK with milkshakes because they are very smooth.
I have a friend whose mother would only drink milkshakes and he would add powdered supplements and other nutritious things, but had to make sure that the shake/smoothie was completely smooth. He also had to make it very sweet.


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Nov 16, 2016
Moreton, Wirral. UK.
Over the span of a week my OH’s meals tend to orbit around, - plain jacket potato, no salt but butter ok. A tin of weight watches tomato soup and no other other ever! A salad as she calls it - boiled egg small sliced pickled beetroot, 2/3 cherry tomatoes and maybe a slice of breaded (no other) ham. Crinkly (yes have to be crinkly) chips on a brioche burger bun. Half of a small tin of beans on one round of wholemeal toasted bread. Biscuits and butter mint sweets as treats and breakfast is one weetabix. She does eat yoghurt but no red fruits but must be fat free as she prefers the texture of them and nothing to do with taste. All odd to most of us but she is content and doctors not concerned so I’m cool with it.


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Dec 1, 2015
Thank you everyone for your always helpful and appreciated comments.

I spoke to the Doctor on Monday and he's prescribed chocolate fortisip compact 'shakes' which are 300 cals per bottle (125ml) to give her 2 per day and do everything else I usually do.
Well they didn't go down that well on their own, so I've added it it her milkshake and it's going down the hatch (or at least it has on the first 3 occasions, lets hope it continues *fingers X'd*)

With 2 of my milkshakes and 2 fortisips each day she should get 1500 cals on top of what little else I can get her to have, the most calorific of which is her drinks of milk. With that level of intake, I think I'm sorted for as long as it will last.

I just hope this continues, her Alz feels like a virus that learns ...... if she has the same thing to often it ends up in the 'horrible' category. The trouble is, so much is now in that category there is very little left.

@canary - It's both, some things are definately just 'horrible' and that could be because of the taste or smell. She always smells it first and if that's a turn off, there's no way it's going to be tasted. If it does go in but the texture is wrong then it comes back out again.

It's only about 6 months since it felt like she was living off cake and cheesecake (esp the cheesecake) and smooth chocolate puddings and mousses. Now I'm lucky if she'll even try them, and if she does it's 1 spoonful followed by 'I've had enough' or 'I'm full now'. It's a good job I go running 3 x a week or I'd be the size of a house finishing off all these puddings! hahaha

If anyone is interested in my milkshake, it is .....
100ml full fat (blue top) milk
65g double cream ice cream (Aldi specially selected Madagascan vanilla)
40g Nutoka (Aldi's Nutella)
Total: 450 cals.
With the Fortisip compact blended in with this, you get 750 cals



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Dec 26, 2016
I agree with that. I used to get a bowl and put things like cubes of cheese, grapes, hula hoops, cocktail sausages etc in it. I would put it down next to her while we watched TV and she would say "Oh I couldnt possibly eat all that!", but after half an hour it was gone.
That's such a good idea!
And surprisingly well balanced too!