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Jul 23, 2006
stroud Glos
Hi i lost my nan to alzheimers about 6 years ago i was very upset from this and someone told me there is a university in stanford that tries to find cures for all kinds of brain disorders including alzeimers.

They have a programe you can download on your pc to help them with this so i decided to set up a team called the alzeimers beaters so i was writing to tell you all about this so the more that know about this the better if youwanted to you could join my team and help them because i wanted to do something to help .

So if you do decide to join my team just put the team number in the control panel the website address where you can get the programme from is : the team number is 48317
thanks for reading this and let me know if you decide to do this thanks again.
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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Just to clarify that this appears to be a similar distributed computing programme to SETI [Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence] and to a BBC project on global warming.

A program/screen saver is downloaded to your PC and it computes in the background all the while the PC is switched on. From time to time it connects to receive data to make computations on, or to send back results and get more data.

I used SETI for some time and eventually dropped it as it was getting in the way of what I wanted to do on my PC - it was taking over!

As with anything of this nature - do it only at your own risk, and neither TP not the AS has any responsibility in the area.