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First appointment


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Jun 29, 2015
Hi my 91 year old aunt has her first appointment at the Memory Clinic on Wednesday. Things have been very hard for her 90 year old sister who lives with her. We do not know what to expect from this appointment. At the moment she is going but doesn't understand exactly what it's about, all she has said is that she's going to a doctors appointment. Am new to all this, these women raised me along with my own mum and dad, my sister and I had an amazing childhood. Would love to know what to expect on Wednesday. Thanks for reading.


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May 18, 2014
Its nothing too complicated, some questions, writing, even drawing something. All geared to see what your aunt remembers and first appointment lasts about one hour There is something on this web site about it and its usually followed up with a brain scan at a later date. When I took mum to her first memory clinic appointment I sat in with her while she was being 'tested' of course I couldn't help or prompt her, I just sat there holding her hand and smiling a lot.