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Finding sheltered accommodation in new area


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Apr 21, 2015
Hello. This is my first post and I'm hoping to benefit from others' experience.

My parents live in Ireland and I am in England. My dad has AD and his behaviour is increasingly challenging. Mum copes brilliantly but the strain is enormous and I know it can only get worse. I work and have a son still at school, so moving back home is not feasible for me. I really don't want Mum to have to deal with everything on her own ( I'm an only child) and we're thinking the best solution is for them to move over here, either to live with me or, as Mum would prefer, in a flat of their own nearby. The sale of their house won't fund the smallest flat here, so I'm starting to look at sheltered accommodation possibilities.

Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to get on a Council list for accommodation if you've never lived in the relevant borough? Presumably coming from out of town puts you fairly far down the 'points system'? Or does anyone know anything about shared ownership schemes that apply to the elderly ?

Many thanks. E.