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Final weeks


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Sep 9, 2009
My father is currently in hospital and we are trying to get him home - apparantly it takes a week to sort - any advice how to speed that up - desperate to get him home - also hospital have said if not well enough he won't go as don't want him dying in ambulance - well I don't want him dying in hospital - anyone any idea if you can hire a private ambulance / St. John to get him home? Sorry a few questions in there. It's all so stressful wen u just want peace and calm and not have to fight battles - being in hospital has been one long battle to get the care he deserves


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
I would question why the process of having him discharged takes a week.

If it were you or I and the Dr did his rounds and said you could go, you'd be sent to a discharge lounge to await your prescriptions and be on your way within hours.

Ask why this isn't the case for your father.

After a week, and he has a bad day, what then? Will it take another week?

What would actually stop you taking him home today ( other than transport) is he subject to any restraining issues or sectioned?


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
I fully understand why you want your father home, I would want the same.
Providing you have all the equipment you are likely to need and palliative care arrangements are set up to start when for when your Father comes home, then I see no reason for the delay.

I'm not sure if you have a Hospice near you , if you do I suggest you look into this ,as the care given is unbelievable.

My mum had mixed dementia. When she was in very late sages mum went to our local Hospice for regular respite.
My lovely Nan who had terminal cancer, was in one some yrs ago and I was amazed by the loving care there.
Some Hospices have a Hospice at home service.
What I am thinking is , if you are willing and they are able to accept your Father into the Hospice, this would be a way of getting your Father out of hospital and then possibly home when you have everything you and your Father may need.
A referral by a Dr is required, I'm not sure if nurses can do a referral

I hope you get your Dad out of hospital soon
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Mays Mum

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Apr 11, 2011
We managed to get my Dad 'sprung' from hospital - although we were warned that there was a strong chance he could die in the ambulance. We were very fortunate to have the help of the most wonderful Occupational Therapy lady who visited the house, assessed his/our needs and then put in place a hosptial bed, air mattress, swivel stand, commode, wheelchair - it was absolutely amazing.
We managed to keep my Mum at home right to the end, with her dying in her own bedroom with Dad and I at her side - which was perfect, but I do not under-estimate how lucky we were.
Dad in the end died in hospital (a return visit) and although I sat and held his hand all night, being in a ward with several other patients didn't afford us the privacy and dignity we were lucky to have with Mum.
I hope you get your wish and get him home.