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Feedback on Loxapine


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Feb 9, 2014
Due to increased agitation and some OCD behaviour the doctor prescribed Loxapine in a 5mg dose for my OH. He is to take the Aricept at night and then this in the morning to "calm him during the day". I have read the side effects and they sound worse than the symptoms we are trying to treat.
Has anyone else dealt with someone going on this medication?


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Sep 30, 2014
Trowbridge, Wiltshire
My wife became much more agitated recently. Part of it was a recurring UTI, but there was also a step decline in her condition. The doctor initially proposed Valium, but I decided we should try other things first. An experienced dementia care worker subsequently described Valium as a chemical strait-jacket which buries the problem temporarily but doesn't resolve them.
I have attempted to re-establish a regular routine (which we had lost for various reasons) and to allow my wife to have her way if possible. I have encouraged her to go for walks with me and let her walk independently if she wants. She has decided to sleep on the sofa at night, so I let her and provided a blanket. We have had struggles getting her washed, dressed and she has refused the antibiotic for her current UTI (and occasionally her other medication), but has become generally much calmer as she feels more in control of her life. We still have much to do, but I feel we are at last making progress.
I don't have any experience of the particular drug you mention.
Hope this helps you. I know how stressful it is dealing with agitated behaviour.
All the best.

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Oct 18, 2010
North East England

I did a quick Google, because this is not a drug with which I am familiar and found the above in the Alz Soc site.

It appears to be a drug prescribed for BiPolar or Schizophrenic illness and is not specifically licensed for use in Dementia although often prescribed. There is also some mention of it being used in care homes but not for use at home. It is also not endorsed for use in the USA for Dementia Patients.

I am not a medic, but I would go back to the GP and ask more about this drug, or perhaps, if your OH has a MH team give them a ring and ask their advice.