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Family - WHAT family?

Coalisland Oz

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Dec 4, 2006
Hi All. I lost my dad at age 53 to Alzheimer's disease in 1989. We received practically no support in those days and nursed him at home for the four years from diagnosis until his death. During that time, and since, we have had no support from any members of my father's family. I can really appreciate the pain and anguish you guys are all feeling when this sort of thing happens. To add insult to injury, however, one of my aunts, who does not speak to any member of my family, has now become president of our local branch of the society! A guilty conscience must be a VERY difficult thing to live with!


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Oz

Throughout life you will always find fairweather friends and the same applies with some family members...........they are always there for the good times, the family do's, the weddings etc, etc, but when the going gets tough, its down to the carers.........carers are the people who are there through thick and thin, hell or high water............thats what i like about the tp people............they are genuine!

Your luck has changed Oz, you've found tp, you'll get lots of support...........you might think its too late, but its never too late............when you've cared for or lost someone with AD you'll always have wounds.........tp helps the healing process.

Love Alex x