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Fall. What happens next.


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Mar 2, 2017
Staff from my wife's care home called to say that she had a fall in the early hours. She has a lump on her head, which has been getting bigger. She is not lifting her head. How serious this might be I don't know. The visiting nurse advised ringing 111. They advised calling an emergency ambulance. We are now waiting for that to arrive - me at home - and to get advice from the paramedics.

At my request her care plan is for care at 'home' (ie her care home), where possible. Until I know what is wrong it is difficult to decide what to do next. Hospital would not be a good environment for her and I have a strong presumption against this.

In this situation, it doesn't seem wrong to hope that it is either something minor or sufficiently serious to dissuade medics from carrying out procedures that needlessly prolong her life. Something in-between that is 'fixable' but leads to trauma and more confusion would be the worst outcome. Fixing injury but further diminishing her already diminished life so Alzheimer's can take over again would seem heartless.

Ensuring that she is comfortable and in a familiar environment with staff who know and care about her is what I would wish for. But it may be out of my hands.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Im sorry to hear this.
I know exactly what you mean - these were my thoughts about mum too.
I hope the paramedics arrive soon.


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Apr 6, 2011
North Manchester
Sorry about this.
You will have to wait and see what the paramedics say.
Although things may have changed since the nurse saw her the fact that they advised 111 and not 999 could be a good sign.


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Mar 2, 2017
Thanks all for your support. It seems almost incredible given how much one hears about pressure on ambulance services, but the paramedics have been and gone.

The good news is that they saw no need for a hospital visit as she reacted normally (for a person with AD) to their investigations. She is now having lunch. Her care home once again kept me updated in a way that I greatly appreciate.

I am due to visit her tomorrow afternoon when no doubt she'll not be able to tell me what happened. I'll put my emotions back in their box and watch the falling snow with my peaceful hound.

Until the next incident ...


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Apr 13, 2018
Phew that is a relief @northumbrian_k . My mum ended up in A&E a couple of weeks ago after a fall and it wasn't a good experience for any of us, specially as she was on the floor for nine hours waiting for the ambulance. When she had another fall a couple of days later the home managed to avoid getting the paramedics out as she was basically OK. They've now got various plans in place to try and stop any more falls. Don't know how successful that will be, but so far so good. I hope the home do similar with your wife, though I know it is tricky to keep people with dementia safe from falls all the time.
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