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Event in Windsor Oct 2005


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Sep 20, 2005
There is a sponsored walk in Windsor Great Park on Sunday 2nd October.
The organisers have got sponsorship from several major Companies such as Sky TV, QVC, Shieldwell etc but they urgently need some extra walkers. It is intended that this becomes a major annual fundraiser for the Alzheimers Society and RICE ( The research Institute into the care of the Elderly).
Please spread the word or better still come and walk. There is a 5 mile stroll to a local pub via The Copper Horse statue and back, or a 13 miler through the park visiting parts that most people never see.
We can take 200 people only this year so please call01628 663132 and register with Jeanne the organiser
Thank you


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Sep 14, 2004
hope you get a lot of support, I would be happy to come and join in the walk, my problem would be that I doubt I could do more sponsorship so soon after the Memory walk, perhaps in future years it could be the memory walk for that area of Berkshire rather than people going into london (or wherever thier closest one was)

Good luck with it
I'm sure you will get a big response from the people of Windsor and surrounding areas.


I am delighted to hear about your sponsored walk, I hope you have had a good response from people interested in taking part. I just wondered whether I can offer you any assistance in terms of providing Alzheimer's Society balloons or banners to use on the day of the event. Please contact me on 0207 306 0809 if this would be of any use.

Best of luck for Sunday!

Warmest wishes

Sharon Daniels
Events Team
Windsor Sponsored Walk on October 2nd

Hi All,

Good luck if you are taking part in the sponsored walk in Windsor this Sunday - I hope it's great day! Just to make it clear though that this is a fundraising event for the charity RICE alone, and has nothing to do with the Alzheimer's Society as previously suggested.

Anyhow, good luck!

Lucy, Events Team