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enquiry about Decision by NICE


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Oct 17, 2006
Hello my name is Mel.

I am a student and I do voluntary work every weekend at an elderly care home, where many of the residents have Alzheimer's. I wish to gain a better understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

I was wondering in what way the recent decision made by NICE to deny certain drugs have affected your lives and what impact it has had on those who suffer from Alzheimer's and also for their carers.

Thanks very much


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Mar 24, 2006
Co Durham

Hi ranam1,
The NICE decision is a very cruel thing because it deprives people who are ill of the only treatment that may help them. It does not work for everyone, but there is evidence that it has worked for most who have been given the chance. I was given the chance, and it reversed things for me and gave me my life back. As my wife said the other day, she has got the man back she married 34 years ago. I had lost him briefly three years ago through this cruel illness, and now he is back. You never return to where you were, but it gives you a little bit of control over what you are doing and that in turn takes some of the pressure off your carer, wife or partner, who ever is looking after you. This decision has to be political because there is no other logical answer for it. No self respecting govenment, who says they are looking after the interests of the nation and NHS, should even consider going down this road, without facing the consequences later.
Not only does it work, but it keeps us out of care homes which are more expensive, if you can find one in the first place. I think that if you look at the Alzheimers web site, you will get all the answers you will need.
Good luck