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Emotional rollercoaster ride

susan w

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Aug 31, 2012
east sussex
I care for my mum she is very emotional and I struggle to keep up with the rapid mood changes it can be like living with an hormonal teenager but at least she doesn't slam doors ! Any advice would be helpful thank you


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Aug 30, 2013
Maybe speak to her GP, get her meds checked.
Remember how you were as a teenager?
She's getting her own back!

Oh and welcome.

I know I'm takeing notes, so when it's my turn, I can run the kids ragged!


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi susan w
I do agree that one of the trickiest things when looking after someone is the unpredictability of their behaviour and responses.

Have you seen 'compassionate communication' - hopefully this is a link to it:

I think Bod has a point - maybe your mum's meds could be tweaked, or her GP might suggest something new to help her, so a visit next week may be a good idea. Go armed with a written list of the behaviours that are causing you concern - I tend to write things down as I forget some key points when I'm sitting in the surgery.

Maybe you both need a bit of a break - have you had your mum's needs reassessed recently, and had a carer's assessment? Maybe your mum would benefit from some time at a day centre where she could channel some of that emotional energy into activities and have some different company to engage her?

best wishes