Emergency meeting with CPN


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Dec 11, 2007
Thank you to all those who posted on my other thread. I have read it over and over and the advice has been invaluable. I will go back to it in the next couple of days and update it properly. But I have read it time and time again and the support from everyone has really helped me through this and knowing there are people out there who are as horrified and think it is as wrong as I do has been a real boost. It's almost felt like I have a team of invisible friends behind me pushing me along. Thank you :)

I have just had an emergency meeting with the CPN. I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday after the most non-significant hour spent with Mum - it's always the little things that seem to push you over the edge!

I am now happy, or not happy but not feeling too guilty which is massively unusual for me, to hold my hands up and say I can't cope. This is too much for me. I have tried my best having Mum here, I really have, I thought I could make it work but I can't. It's too difficult. We are talking of moving Mum into a 2.5 (whatever that means) sheltered housing scheme. The CPN did say that with Mums score on the MMSE test back in October it was at a level where she would expect the person to be almost needing round the clock support and care, so although this is only a piece of paper and not really important it does make me feel a bit better about finding this so hard.

I had the biggest breakdown, infront of my children, which I swore I'd never do so immediately set up this meeting to talk about our options and ask for help. If I'm honest Mum isn't happy here, and I don't think she'd be happy anywhere but I know that she would want me to put the children first and be a Mum to them before a carer to her.

I am sad in a way but also so relieved. This will take a few months to implement but just the knowledge that the end is in sight is enough for me at the moment. Although I know that when she's moved there will be a whole new set of problems, but atleast it won't be all on me to sort them out anymore. She is having a capacity assesment done in the next ten days and we are going to have an emergency meeting with a social worker and someone from POVA. But whatever the outcome we are moving forward with looking at moving Mum in the next few months.

I am so sorry Mum, I really did try so hard. I hope that one day she can forgive me and will be happy again.


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Mar 14, 2006
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Amy, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for, and I am sure mum would realise that if only she could - and more – how you are looking out for mum is remarkable. Your children will ‘bounce back’ (bet they’ve already forgotten mummy’s little tantrum!;):)) (I can admit to throwing a few! :eek:)

I just wanted to say an absolute ‘well done’ for all you have faced already and for having the courage to move forward as you are doing for all your sakes.

Love, Karen, x

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Apr 3, 2006
This is too much for me.
That says it all Amy. You have tried your best and can do no more. Your mother cannot take priority either while you have dependent children.

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