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Karin 955

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Apr 30, 2023
I recently bought a Relish radio and music player from the Alzheimer's Society shop for my mother and highly recommend it. Mum had been finding her radio controls difficult and as music is an enormous part of her life I was really struggling to find an easy radio for her to use. This one is brilliant for her, really easy buttons and volume control on the top. Also a slot at the back where I could put in a USB stick with her favourite music - all she has to do is push a very simple button on the top (which I have labelled Beethoven) and the USB plays. She listens to Radio 3 'Through the night' every night and even half asleep she can easily press the button labelled Radio 3 and also use the simple volume control. It has brought music back into her life and though expensive worth every penny for what it will give her now and in the future.

try again

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Jun 21, 2018
Another option would be an echo device of some sort. They will play radio on demand and the echo show is always useful down the line to be able to 'drop in' on them when the telephone is not an option

Downside, you need them to have internet and the music options for specific music can be limited.

They also need to be comfortable enough to be able to talk to technology. My mother was more or less beyond that point but the drop in function was invaluable for well over a year to assist in tablet taking and a couple of years for communication