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DOL - Care home


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Mar 24, 2014
Does anyone know if it's routine for a care home manager to apply for DOL for one of the residents?
When we had our review a few weeks ago, it was one of the first things the manager told us. The point being to keep everyone as safe as possible. However, us wives/husbands who visit are allowed to take them out with us for a treat.


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Dec 15, 2012
Yes, just going through this at the moment - dad's on the dementia floor of his care home which has restricted access by keypad - and main door of home has keypad so no-one can just wander in and out (quite rightly) - but I take him out each day and I can go in to see him any time.
It's a new legal requirement to ensure all aspects of care comply and are in the best interest of the person - not just are they 'locked in' (my dad wandered so I want his access to the outside world to be controlled) but to check if his care is in line with his lifelong values and wishes and that he's not being overmedicated to keep him 'under control', has he capacity to make decisions etc. And there will be regular reviews.
The LA link just had a long chat with me to get background, not officious or talking 'legalise' just wanting to know as much as possible to get a clear picture of dad's situation. She's going to see dad too, and will talk to the care staff - but has a deadline within which all this has to be done.


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Jul 20, 2015
DOLS Assessment

My mum has vascular dementia and has physical disabilities including not being able to stand and walk so she has complex needs and has been in a care home for the last 19 months. The care home manager requested a DOLS because my mum keeps saying she wants to go home. The DOLS assessor upheld the decision that in her best interests my mum should remain at the care home and told me this some six weeks ago. The assessor phoned me today to tell me the LA is going to refer this to the Court of Protection now. Does anyone know if this is normal procedure?