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DNR form


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Jun 7, 2015
Elderly father (90) is at home with middle stage dementia, short-term memory poor but able to converse quite well and understand various topics, though not necessarily remember what has been talked about, even on the same day. He is visited three times a day by care workers for help with meals and bedtime ritual. He is reasonably well in himself otherwise, though fragile, not very mobile and a bit depressed.

The care agency has recently mentioned to my brother that, if he had a sudden collapse, an ambulance crew would most likely do CPR which might not be a good idea in his condition. They want to know if he has a Do Not Resuscitate order (he doesn't). We think Dad has capacity to understand about DNR though he would be unlikely to remember any conversations we have about it. How do we obtain a DNR form and is this something he should talk to the doctor about first? We are both attorneys and I want to be sure this is done properly.

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