Dizzy and blurry with Vascular Dementia?


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Oct 14, 2015
Deep South in the USA
Dizziness continues

Hello and Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone made some positive and happy memories for Christmas this year?! :) My MIL actually felt fairly well and we were able to roll her out of her room in her wheel chair (first time out of her room since Dec 11) and she was able to sit up and join in with us while opening Christmas presents and family camaraderie!! She enjoyed that. Back to bed, then back up for Christmas dinner, which she ate well, but then we paid for that with lots of diarrhea into the evening.....:( (TMI-sorry...) She just cannot handle anything outside of her daily bland diet anymore, I guess. So, other than the extra laundry due to cleaning her and bed linens up, it was a good day!

THEN - this morning when I went to her room to see her- she tells me she is working hard "not to pass out". Hmmmm......I'm thinking her BP is dropping while just laying there? Like I had said in a previous post - yes, indeed, when she stands up, her BP will drop through the floor sometimes. Again, the Hospice nurse tells me this is part of the VaD.

A couple of weeks ago, I had spent several days on my knees and in The Word (my Bible) working on my attitude because I had started feeling sorry for myself and acting way to cranky and selfish. I have to say - it really helped when the diarrhea started on CHRISTMAS NIGHT. It could have been disastrous, but in my quiet times, I kept remembering the example Jesus gave us when he knelt and washed the feet of his disciples. I humbly realized that if the Master of this universe can kneel down and wash the feet of man, surely, I can kneel down and wash the bottom of a poor old lady who cannot control her own bodily functions anymore. Phew.....

So - back to the dizzy.........thinking this may be part of her ending perhaps.... Her mother had Alzheimer's and laid in a nursing home in a fetal position for several years before finally passing with some unrelated disease. My MIL has always feared the same would happen to her. She does not have Alzheimer's, but a different type of dementia, which they've diagnosed as Vascular Dementia. We think this may be accurate, because in talking it through - she has reminded us of her mother's sister - who also did not have Alzheimer's, but some undiagnosed problem very similar to my MIL in that she heard "popping" in her head all the time near her end. She was experiencing dementia symptoms, and ultimately had a major stroke and died. We are thinking MIL is much closer to her aunt than her mother. Rather than "popping" like her aunt, perhaps the "swimmy head" as she calls it and the "I'm trying not to pass out" may be in the same vein as the "popping" her aunt was experiencing. Bottom line - I'm wondering if both women (aunt years ago and MIL now) are(were) experiencing TIA's?

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