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Disturbing sounds


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Jul 31, 2012
Glamorgan s.wales
My husband's mobility has deteriorated recently so unfortunately we spend more time indoors. He has always disliked me using the vacuum cleaner but now he has dementia he becomes quite angry and quarrelsome when I need to use it. However I was told by my daughter of a "Robot" vacuum cleaner called I-Robot Roomba and went to my local electrical store for a demonstration.I was so impressed and have purchased one-it is flat.circular and takes up very little room.The main advantage is that I can leave it switched on in the hall with all doors open (other than the door to the room he is in) and it cleans the carpets in all the rooms on it's own. Most times he is unaware it's being used. Obviously it doesn't do stairs,but for everyday use it's perfect. I just thought some of you out there may have a similar problem. The other thing that puts him in a mood is me putting up the ironing board and ironing,and he doesn't like me using the i-pad.Probably because he's afraid of not having my attention,and feels excluded. I expect there will be something new to annoy him every week. That's life!!