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Jun 18, 2006
I wonder if someone can answer this for me.

As I've said Mum has constant diarrhoea and has had for the past few months. It is only now that she has been admitted to hospital with dehydration and an infection that my Dad and I have said that they cannot discharge her until the diarrhoea has cleared up as my Dad can't cope at home with this. They are now investigating. My dad maintains it is due to the fact that she is not mobile. I would have thought this would constipate you not the opposite.


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Jun 27, 2006
Me too, but I'm no expert (and for that I am thankful). Without getting unduly graphic about the whole thing, I think they tell a lot about likely causes when they examine the stool to see how quickly it has passed through the digestive system. And of course, lots of meds have the side effect of "increased bowel motility" (i.e everything goes through more quickly). I hope this gets sorted out soon for everyones' sake.



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Apr 15, 2007
Hi, First hand I can sympathize with your dad (and poor mum also) my dad has had severe problems with diarrhoea and hospitalised on a number of occasions with dehydration because of this problem,the aftermath isn't pleasant and I hope the hospital sort this out before releasing your mum. At a recent support group meeting a lady was talking about the same problem with her hubby,she was told that in dementia sufferers the brain can forget the actual food processing procedure hence the diarrhoea. My dad isn't the one with dementia(It's mum) so this wasn't the cause of his problem,he was diagnosed with collagenous colitis.I am by no ways suggesting any diagnosis. I sincerely hope that this is sorted real soon,you do have my sympathy. Taffy.

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