Deputyship -what happens if deputy dies first?


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Mar 27, 2021
I'm applying for deputyship for OH as I think it won't be long now before he goes into care, and am wondering what happens if I die before him. We are both 76, Does someone else have to apply and start the whole process again or does the local authority apply for deputyship or take it over in some way?


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Jun 6, 2020
If the only Deputy dies then the Order stops. At that point someone would have to start the whole process again -it could be the LA but doesn't have to be.

Is there anyone that you could add to your application - as a joint and several Deputy - they could then take over if something happened to you but, in the main, wouldn't have to do anything whilst you were alive. I was joint and several Deputy for my in-laws with my husband - their son - I did almost all the paperwork as MIL was still at home at first and my husband was tied up dealing with caring. He only had to sign a few documents each year.