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Deputy Court of Protection


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Jul 5, 2014
I have just received the letter telling me that an order was made on June 16th appointing me as deputy and I now need to pay the security bond (40 pounds in my case) so that sealed order can be issued. Started the process at the end of March. Just wondering how everyone else who is in the process of applying is doing?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Hi Jesskie. You are almost at the end now.
Now I have CoP I am trying to get organised with selling mums bungalow. There is always something isnt there?
On the plus side, I recently took mum shopping for summer clothes and paid using my new card for her bank account. She had a great time choosing clothes and now looks very smart. :D


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Apr 17, 2015
Started this process in April, and currently waiting for the court to grant deputyship. From February 2015 my husband and I have covered any bills, fees, etc. In this short period of time we're already about £8000 down. I hate the way mental health care is treated as 'social' care, whereas physical/medical care is provided by the NHS through NI payments.

There is no way to separate the mind from the body, and vice versa. Physical problems can affect the mind, and mental health problems have an impact on the body. Why is it that those with mental health problems are treated as 'different', expected to sort out and chase up any kind of treatment for themselves?