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Dementia patients forced to rely on unpaid carers


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Feb 18, 2015
Alzheimer's Society Survey

I have seen in the news this morning the reports of a survey commissioned by the Alzheimer's Society of GP's regarding Dementia and care.

Apparently since some doctors (amazingly not all) are concerned about the lack of services to support Dementia patients, so they are less likely to refer a patient with suspected Dementia to a specialist for a firm diagnosis.

Is it just me or is that just plain wrong and outrageous? Alzheimer's is a terminal disease that can be slowed down with treatment, I can't see how an early diagnosis can be anything but advantageous.

The fact that social support is so hit and miss (and in my experience more usually miss) doesn't mean that doctors can simply pretend there isn't a problem. That is akin to not referring a patient they suspect might have cancer because there isn't a big Marie Curie presence in their area.


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Apr 13, 2015
My local practice was investigated last year as it was referring too many people for further tests. I know there was a monetary incentive so maybe that raised red flags but it could be that the GPs are on the ball with diagnosing the condition yet they seemed to be penalised for doing so :(

As a family, for us getting the diagnosis will be important (had initial referral in March and still awaiting final diagnosis from psychiatrist this month). I am not expecting a miracle once the diagnosis is confirmed but being able to get financial help and having Mum then able to access day care group, Dad attend carers training etc will be a big step. No family should be denied this as after a while it is very hard to manage without outside assistance.


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May 21, 2014
Exactly. It's not all about medication but about help from social services in the form of day care, sitting service, respite, telecare etc which is much easier to access if you can tell them a proper diagnosis. It also helps with supporting evidence for Attendance Allowance and council tax exemption due to severe mental impairment.


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Dec 19, 2013
North Devon
agree with Beate 100% - the take a break vouchers are still active in N devon as I have july to september..@ £3 per hour - if any new viewers to the D Club nobody wants to join...needs specific info into the getting funded help your local council the path to go and the best of luck..eg devon link below BTW do get an expert to help you complete the Attendance Allowance form eg from Macmillan's if cancer is also around cared for or carer...mo43



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Feb 19, 2009
Torquay Devon
Today's survey

So, all over the television today they are saying a major survey has found out that people are not getting enough help when it comes to members of their family who have dementia and they have to rely on other family members for support ????
NO KIDDING SHERLOCK !!!!! and how much did that survey cost ???

The cost of the survey would have paid for the opening of a nother memory cafe and still have change over to pay for entertainment

Lost for words xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx