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Dementia Awareness Week in Scotland


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Sep 26, 2007
Just a reminder that it is Dementia Awareness Week in Scotland.

I looked at the Alzheimer Scotland website and they have their DAW conference tomorrow. They are going to be presenting their research study on the quality of services for people with dementia and their carers in Scotland. It is based on a survey they sent to members.

I am quite interested to know what the findings are..



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Jun 5, 2008
Lowestoft Suffolk
Demmentia question

:) Hello i have just joined i am a carer in lowestoft just started a dementia level 2 course and have a question i would possibly like the answer to or help with heres the question What are the benefits of seeing dementia as a disability? this is a puzzling one to me it may sound silly but i havant thought of it like that before


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi jools, welcome to TP.

I hadn't though of it like that either, but it does make sanse in a way.

I suspect it's leading into the subject of person-centred care. If you see a person with dementia as a normal person, who has had the misfortune to develop an incurable disease, I guess you're more likely to see him/her as a whole person, rather than letting the disease become the person.

If you see the normal person, you are more likely to find ways to relate to him/her.

It's something that comes naturally to people caring at home, because we knew the person before the illness. But for someone going into care, the illness is what the carer sees first.

Just my ideas!