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dementia : 1 Lords debate: 1 Written Answer

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Jan 23, 2009
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dementia : 1 Written Answer

Written Answers - Department of Health: UK Advisory Forum on Ageing (21 Dec 2015)
Alistair Burt: ...For example the Department plans to carry out an
engagement programme with stakeholder groups representing older people
as part of the forthcoming Carer's Strategy. The Government is clear
that *dementia* remains a priority and will implement the Prime
Minister's Challenge on *Dementia* 2020 in full to make sure that
*dementia* care, support, awareness and research are transformed...

dementia : 1 Lords debate

Banks: Vulnerable Customers - Question for Short Debate (21 Dec 2015)
Lord Soley: ...you get to speak to. But the evidence that I have picked
up generally both from my own experience and from talking to other
people is that, by and large, many of the staff do not know what to do
at first and often have to refer the matter to someone else. With the
increase in the incidence of *dementia* and related conditions, power of
attorney is now so common that we ought to see it as a...