Deferred Payment Scheme. I was caught out.


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Jun 4, 2008
North west England.
My mum has been in a Residential Care Home now since late 2009 and I have just sold her house (I am her Deputy) for a pittance of it's true value after four and a half years of the house being on the market. Although this was bad enough I have just learnt that I have paid out, in Water Rates, over this time far more than I should of done.
When I took out the Deferred Payment Scheme in early 2010 I remember (unfortunately I have nothing in writing) my Local Authority telling me that all the amenities (gas, water, electric) still had to be paid and that the only thing I do not pay anymore is Council Tax because of mum's AZ.
Now, four and a half years later, I have telephoned the Water Board to tell them about the change of ownership for the property and was informed that if the house was unfurnished in 2010 then I would not have had to pay Water Rates but if furnished then Water Rates would still have been payable.
I told them that most of mum's furniture and belongings were removed in 2010 so it could be classed as unfurnished at that time but was then informed that due to current legislation they can only refund back to 01/04/2014. I have worked out that my mum has paid just short of £3000.00 that she need not of paid.
Anyone on a Deferred Payment Scheme please do not be caught out like I was.