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Day Trips

micheal marsh

Registered User
Mar 18, 2005
are there any couples living in bristol and surounding areas in a simular situation as myself who would like to talk on the phone "instead of through a pc"socialize and day trips by car
i am 67yrs my wife 66yrs who was diagnosed 6yrs ago and is moderate to severe although still mobile and speaks fluent alzhiemers
i have asked the local branch of AD if they can organize a way to put people in contact with each other ( with carrers consent) without going to carers meetings etc
are there schemes like this in your area? or any suggestions as to setting something like this up
there may be acouple living in the next street who knows
except doctors?
contact me for my phone no if interested



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Mar 7, 2004
Hi Mike, sounds a good idea.

For my part, some of our closest friends (with AD) came about through first meeting at a group session. At least through local meetings you know just that, people are local.

Of course not everyone goes to meetings so I guess you have to try all avenues.
I wish you good luck. We all need people around us who we can relate too.

micheal marsh

Registered User
Mar 18, 2005
hello connie
im sure these meetings are a great way of getting to know other people for those who can attend and it would be somewhere this scheme could be organised through
however ther must be a lot of people who cannot attend these meetings for some reason mine being that my wife wendy becomes restless aggitated and wants to "go home" aphrase ofte used i think it may be that she spent 3 weeks in a mental(can not spell phycatric)hospital where she was sectioned and so unable to leave the premises when i eventually managed to get her released she would no longer go and visit her mother in a care home maybe she thought they would keep her in there
anyway i thought of this idea on our day trips because there is no longer any conversation between me wendy or the dogand there are two empty seats in the car for a couple at no extra cost we could go off together having a conversation, stopping for a walk keeping an eye on each others spouse whilst go in and order the drinks? and snacks whatever the group decide to do

must get back to my ironing now


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