Day care with respite


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Aug 18, 2006
I heard that they had sorted out for my Mum to start at a new day care centre on Wednesday but I wasn't able to write. Crazy as it seems I think I was just shocked and too happy. I've been terrified about how we would cope if I become ill because of the other people with disablilites in my family, but now I know that if the worst happens Mum can safely be left in respite for a while. The new centre is lovely three lounges large medium and small one with TV etc, the main activities one where they have a piano, and play games read magazines and stuff, and a small family sized one with a small kitchen where they can do things like cooking. A music room (instuments and records to play), games room (snooker table, magnetic dartboards, boardgames, hola hoops and heaven knows what else, a "beauty parlour" where they can have their hair done manicures foot-spas etc, dining room, large craft room, reading area, 10 respite bedrooms, and lovely gardens Mum will adore. She wanted to get stuck in straight away and already has he name on the gardening rota even though she hasn't started yet lol! luckily that's one area she still seems to remember almost everything like which are weeds and which are plants so she will be quite an asset I think. The staff seemed really lovely and when I was talking to some of the people their on respite one lady told me she could not understand why her daughter goes abroad when she could go there. Much nicer with real food lol! Of course some of the others their are a lot worse than Mum and I did wonder if that might upset her, but she siad that she might be allowed to fetch them drinks and things so =she would feel that she was useful - very positive.
I'm sure Mum is going to like it there, and I can foresee a time she will actually ask to go and stay there for a few days to be with her new friends. For me it's a huge worry lifted. I don't ever want to put her in care as such as I'm sure many of us don't. But once or twice there have been times I have known that my own health is of concern and needed a break, now just knowing it's possible has already lifted my mood a thousand fold.
Just wish I could send you all a little of the way I'm feeling and help dispel your clouds too.

I just hope my expereinces will never be like poor Jules.


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Mar 7, 2004
Thank you for sharing your hopes and thoughts with us.

Please never be afraid to post when something 'good' happens to ease the burdens that this illness brings. Not everyone can be as fortunate maybe, but we can rejoice and be happy for you at this time.

Just wish I could send you all a little of the way I'm feeling and help dispel your clouds too.
Thank you for the kind sentiment Bristolbelle.


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Bristolbelle, what a lovely, positive post.:)

I'm so glad you've found such a lovely place for your mum, I'm sure she'll be happy to go there for daycare, and hopefully for respite. You must be feeling so relieved.

Thank you for sharing your good news with us.