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Jun 21, 2018
Mum went into a nice care home in February. We had checked that they could cope with all her future needs apart from aggressive behaviour.

Since then she has declined a lot, they think she had a Tia about a month ago
Since then she has been bed bound. Knees bent up, spine curved and can't hold her head up
They are telling me this means they are struggling to meet her needs. She is already on a soft food diet and they can't get her upright enough to feel safe feeding her. Also changing pads is very difficult and she is normally wet before they have finished changing her
She has been attended to by doctor and nurse and the paramedics came out dut the the unresponsiveness a month ago that they expect was a mini stroke.

District nurse is seeing her again on Saturday and I have asked them to do a chc checklist.

The nice helpful social service bloke spoke to me and said she needs a needs assessment before we start the process of looking somewhere.
The nurse practitioner has said that the care home might be able to suggest some places and I know they have some history with a local nursing home .

Just can't believe we are here again after only 10 months
She is self funding
Any thoughts?


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Feb 18, 2017
Well if the nice helpful social services bloke thinks she should have a needs assessment then it does sound like this should be done by ss as the “experts” and then their expertise used to locate appropriate care.
The whole self funding thing is shameful at this point , your mum needs nursing care and the social workers will know where is best and who has spaces. I really hope they help you with this.