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Dad just diagnosed


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Oct 11, 2015
Hi, this is my first time on this site, my father has just been diagnosed with mixed dementia mild - moderate. He has been given Donepezil 5mg which I think is the norm from reading literature. Dad is 78 and lives with my mother who is 72 and both of them are still very active, but omg what a shock it was for me to be told this when I went with them to the consultant. I can't seem to find anywhere that tells you how quickly or slowly things happen and i know its different for everyone but just an inkling of time scale would help. eg can he stay the same as he is now for a number of years or just 12 months? at the moment the symptoms he has is being very slow in everday tasks and when he is talking he struggles to find the right words but other than that he is ok. When I have spoken to him about it he said he is determined to "beat it" in other words he is very positive but its just horrible to think of your dad being not who he is.. Luckily enough my mum is more than capable of dealing with the situation and dad has already said for us to get POA's in place and then he just wants to get on with it, (his words).


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Feb 27, 2015
Welcome to TP :)

There is no set timescale & everyone reacts differently like you say. Hopefully the donepezil will work well.