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Dad back from hospital appointment


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May 7, 2019
I arrived at dads this morning early, as he had an early appointment.
He was in a foul mood and not at all happy about going. I had spoken to the care group previously to ask them to assist him into the wheelchair. As usual. no communication so I asked the carers. They got him and he had breakfast in the chair. Dad was very bossy whilst waiting (in full command) to me but hey ho.
They eventually arrived to take him.
I managed to clean through whilst he was at his appointment.
He arrived home at 14.00.
He had been sick but just a little. Good job he had a sick bowl with him. But what I noticed more was how weary and old he looked.
It was good to get him out of his wheelchair and into his recliner.
We had a chat and he was impressed that he went straight in and had a cup of tea also.He was not left hanging about . I had explained all about things in the hospital before he left but he wasn’t understanding me . He seemed to get it after having been through it.
He has a melonin dressing on his scalp now for a few days. The lady that took off the skin cancer (we think ) told him he had more coming . He didn’t seem bothered by that...
He ate his dinner and then fell asleep for a couple of hours.. Then it was the “ I need the toilet “ so off we went. After he had finished he wanted to go to bed. This was 18.30. He said he was tired. This was a first for a long time as dad never gets “tired”. What I found upsetting was one of the last things he said to me was” I’m getting worse. I shall never get on a plane again or drive a car. “ I just replied “ You never know “. I didn’t know what to say really. As we all know the likelihood of that is zero I wasn’t going to tell him. Dads fight in him is gone. He has begun to accept things more. Not an easy thing to do. I tucked him in bed and went home... Funny day yesterday...


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Sep 27, 2019
Bless him, sounds like the trip to hospital really tired your dad out and got him down a fair bit too. A sad day for both of you. I think your answer was a good one. It hurts to hear loved ones talk like that when reality hits them doesn't it.
At times my mum acts like nothing's wrong, insisting she does everything with no help, says she doesn't need any help from anyone and then other times she's aware she doesn't know or can't do things and she seems defeated by it. I find both really hard. Its frustrating when she won't accept help and I want her to realise she needs it and accept it but then at times when she talks about not being able to do things or not knowing things and she says she's getting worse, I feel bad and so sad for her.