criteria for care funding


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Feb 5, 2004
Hi everyone

Can anyone help with the clarification on criteria for care funding? I have read the Alzheimer's information sheet, which is very helpful and like many others I am thankful to people like Barbara Pointon who have battle for 'wrongs' to be righted - just wondered if anyone could give any personal experiences and information.

I know that different health authorities state their own local criteria but in general there should not be a vast difference or I may be wrong!

1. Nursing care in a nursing home.

If someone requires to be moved to an EMI nursing home from a general nursing home because of challenging behaviour and a subsequent risk to staff and other residents, does this indicate that they may qualify for the highest band of nursing funding by the NHS (formerly only the middle band had been granted)?

2. NHS continuing care.

Does this mean that all aspects of care are provided free of charge? What determines if a person is the responsibility of the health authority? I know a different assessment would have to be done for this but again I would like to know what the general criteria is.

I am not being mercenary about our situation, as all the money in the world couldn't give Brian his health back, just wanting what we are rightfully entitled to.

would really appreciate any info.


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Aug 18, 2003
east sussex
Dear April
When dad needed more care than mum could cope with, we had to push to get dad sectioned as it was the only way we could get anything done. Unbeknown to us it resulted in dad being fully funded when they moved him a year later to an EMI home. Although the sectioning was awful for all of us, it has been a blessing in disguise as he remained on a section 119? i think, which means social services are responsible for his funding. What we would have done otherwise i don't know.
Sorry can't help you with any more info - take care luv sue