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Council tax refund for Severe Mental Impairment


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Aug 30, 2013
Be aware, Your Council may still charge you the equivalent Council Tax for an empty property.
We are in the situation that we are "exempt" on SMI grounds, but have to pay the Empty Property rate.
Check exactly what your local rules are. Being in Wales they might be different to England, where they vary from Council to Council.
This the Swansea page, read the How much will the discount be? section.



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Dec 15, 2012
hello @missdior
and welcome to DTP
I'm sorry you are having trouble with this issue

here's a link to the Gov.Wales site

so the information is available, and is, in my experience, on each Local Authority's individual website

it does state that to qualify the applicant must be eligible for one of the specified benefits but not necessarily receiving that benefit .... so someone may have applied, the application been accepted but the person chooses not to receive it ..... really only a successful application for a specific benefit will prove the underlying qualification for that benefit

not all those who have a diagnosis will necessarily immediately qualify for one of the benefits mentioned, as they may be managing their own affairs and living independently with no or only a little support
for example, my dad received a diagnosis but didn't at that time meet the criteria to qualify for Attendance Allowance .... later, I realised that his care needs were at a level where he was having a great deal of support every day and qualified for Attendance Allowance, so I helped him apply ... when that was received he then qualified for the Council Tax exemption due to SMI and that was back-dated to the day his application for the AA was accepted ( but not to the day he was diagnosed)