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Could this be vascular dementia after pace maker replacement left too long


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Apr 21, 2015
In the past few months my fathers short term memory has been effected. He find things worse in the morning where he is getting confused remembering everyday things like what draw the spoons are in. He says it gradually gets better throughout the day. The problem is he is caring for my mother who has had a stroke so it is making life difficult for them.

My dad has just had his pacemaker changed and the consultant that saw him told him that it has been left too late. He said the battery has been cutting out and this has stopped oxygen getting to his brain and caused damage eg the memory loss. Is this vascular dementia? We are upset that the hospital never changed the pace maker at all the other appointments my dad went too and now he has this damage with no information about it.

I just don't know where to go for help and would love to know if anyone has had any similar experiences.