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Apr 18, 2008
living with someone with alzheimers is hard but can also be rewarding as well just seeing the one you love still happy to be in there own home the hard side is seeing what the dease dose what it takes away every day .i live with my mother in law have done now for the aost year my family moved in with her to give her the care she needed most days its ok but other days you wonder if you have done the right thing the kids cope with everyday life great its my husband and myself that sometimes find the strain hard trying to work in full time jobs run the house look after the kids and look after the need of my mother in law sometimes you just want to run away and have a few hours to yourself but other days you could take on the world :(


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Sep 26, 2007
It can be difficult to manage everything especially when working too. I'm glad that you are able to see the positive things as well. The stress can be too much sometimes so it's always nice to look at the positives. My family keep a record of all the funny things that happen and happy times we have and at times when you are feeling the strain reading through them can make your day so much better.

Take care,

EmJ :)


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Mar 27, 2008
you just want to run away and have a few hours to yourself
Yes it certainly must be hard. My child is now grown up and has flown the nest so I don't have those responsibilities and even then I'm knackered at times.

It's good that you can see the positives but as time passes it doesn't get any easier does it?! Maybe you've posted the solution quoted above!! Why not try your hardest to find a few hours, now before it gets harder, and that way you will have something in place that enables you to continue caring for ALL your loves ones. Maybe take it in turns with your husband to have time off or ask for a carer to come in for a few hours.

Please keep us posted.

Love Helen

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