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CoP Barristers


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Jul 18, 2012
If you are concerned about financial abuse and have reported to Adult Social Care and/or Police and they have failed to protect the donor of the LPA there are Court of Protection Barristers that can take on cases on behalf of family members who want to contest LPAs etc. This is by way of Direct Access/Public Access and eliminates the need to use a solicitor which reduces costs of paying twice (solicitor and barrister). This has the potential to bypass OPG who cannot intervene because the donor was subjected to fraud/financial abuse PRIOR to an LPA being registered but is officially now recognised as having lost capacity but the abusers still have control over the donor's affairs (under cover) even though no LPA is registered with banks (only with OPG).

This is a route I am now considering.

Enter into your search browser "Court of Protection Barristers for [your area]".


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Apr 6, 2010
I thought the COP had the power investigate and would be very interested if you feel the donor is still being abused under the use of the LPA?