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Continuing Healthcare Assessment


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Mar 8, 2010
Hi All

I am at present trying to collate as much evidence as I can to take with me to my Mum's assessment on the 30th April.

My Mum was refused CHC last year but was granted the Nursing element towards her NH fees, which she was being discharged to from hospital after falling and breaking her hip.

My Mum is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's she is immobile and requires 2 people and a standing hoist to move her from bed to wheel chair then wheel chair to comfy chair.

Mum has poor skin integrity has a special mattress and seat pads and creams applied throughout the day to combat this.

Mum is doubly incontinent.

On talking to the nurse assessors I have been told that it is highly unlikely that Mum will receive CHC funding as her needs are not a primary health need but a social services need however they are still going ahead with the assessment with a SW a Nurse assessor and a nurse from my Mum's home and myself and any other family member who may like to attend.

Can anybody please help as I have read so much on line I have read the National Framework I have had a look at the Support Tool and I have read articles of people who have been successful in winning CHC funding. But I am still at a loss of what to say to prove my Mum's needs are primarily health needs, when Talking to the nurse assessors I said they should be assessing my Mum's needs and not how these needs are being met they said that the assessment would be carried out "in the here and now" which I thought was not what the framework set out. They asked me exactly what did I think in my Mum's case constituted a health need I answered everything and she replied that my Mum did require a bit of nursing input but the majority of care is by a carer not a nurse. This was all discussed at a meeting to review whether my Mum qualified for a full assessment. I have asked if I could have a copy of the checklist they completed at this meeting but they said it wasn't a checklist as a checklist is only completed by someone making a referral, to be honest I am completely confused.

I am not in a position at the moment to seek help from the Voluntary group on the Alzheimers web as I am not yet at the appeal stage although I do feel that is where I am heading.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Carol